Datacor, Inc.

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Datacor, Inc.

The needs of the packaged gas and welding supply industry demand a comprehensive management tool to effectively approach price volatility, procurement challenges and new regulatory requirements. Datacor has developed an ERP and CRM that does all of this and more, helping gas distributors refine shipping and inventory processes, improve production and distribution models, track assets and achieve short- and long-range planning with greater accuracy. 

Datacor ERP is comprehensive business and asset management software that synchronizes
back-end operations, increases visibility and automates workflows. From order processing, purchasing & receiving, inventory control for gases and cylinders, rentals, hardgoods to mobile apps, customer portals, web catalogs and business intelligence tools, Datacor is your single-source software solution to handle every aspect of your industrial gas and welding supply business. 

Key Benefits 

  • Tracking for fixed assets and returnable cylinders with fully integrated TrackAbout asset management 
  • Process cylinder rentals, gas and hardgood purchases efficiently and securely 
  • Achieve hassle-free compliance and SDS management with seamless integration of government reporting requirements including EPA, FDA, OSHA, DOT and more 
  • Enhance customer service with customer-product profiles and flexible price change management 
  • Increase inventory visibility and reduce human error with digital warehouse management 
  • Empower your sales team to deliver high quality customer service with faster, more accurate data 

Asset Management & Rentals 

Asset tracking management shouldn’t make your life complicated. That’s why the flexibility of Trackabout’s asset tracking system is available as part of Datacor ERP or can be integrated seamlessly with the programs you’re already using. 

Customer Relationship Management 

Datacor CRM shortens the sales cycle, optimizes performance and increases your sales and profits. With features including an online customer portal and web catalog, you can connect with qualified leads, close strategic deals and build strong relationships as a competitive business partner. 

Inventory Management 

Datacor ERP’s Inventory Management delivers a cost effective, end-to-end inventory control system that optimizes your inventory investment and promotes accurate order fulfillment and production, improving customer service and loyalty. 

Regulatory Compliance 

Compliance is at the heart of the design of Datacor ERP and all functionality is consistent with published government standards, regulations and best practices. With real-time access to information and automation, our ERP ensures that regulatory compliance challenges are not just being met but exceeded. 


Datacor ERP seamlessly digitizes your business with ease, putting the information you need right at your fingertips to drive the business forward. 

Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence with Datacor ERP enables you to measure your business against the data points that matter to you so you can make informed business decisions every day while shaping long-term strategic priorities. 

Financial Management 

Gain complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of your business. From accounting functions to analytics, budgets and reporting – Datacor ERP handles it all with ease. 

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