Spectrum Valves

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Spectrum Valves

C-Suite Services, LLC (dba “Spectrum Valves”) is a U.S.-based custom valve design, engineering, and manufacturing company; it has licensed several NASA patents, including two novel valves, the Floating Piston Valve and the Cryogenic Cam Butterfly valve.  Spectrum has enhanced those platform technologies with its own patented improvements. 

The two valves were invented by engineers working at NASA Stennis Space Center to solve long-standing high opportunity cost, flow control unreliability problems; these technology platforms can be adapted to solve industry’s ultra-high pressure, high-volume flow control challenges for operation in severe environments. 

Spectrum partners with its customers early in the development process because that has been proven to be faster and more cost-effective, while ensuring the customer’s needs and expectations are met. 

Spectrum’s process begins with a pre-qualification of the customer’s needs, followed by a “search and screen” of technologies in order to identify the most appropriate valve type. It performs a technical concept design before engineering and testing the valve; after a prototype is fabricated, it is tested to customer specifications and industry standards to ensure safe and reliable performance. Only then, is the valve released for service. 

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