Cryolor SA (Head Office)

Ennery, 57365, France

Tel: +33 3877 08550

Cryolor SA

CRYOLOR offers high end solutions for transportation and storage of cryogenic gas like LNG, LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LHe and LH2 for Europe, MEA, Central Asia, SEA, Japan, Australia and Americas.

CRYOLOR manufacturing’s operations are based in France near Metz and in India near Chennai, manufacturing equipment as per design codes like ASME, AS1210, KHK, PED, TPED, CRN and DOT or maring as U Stamp or CE.

CELINETM is the range of cryogenic tanks from 3 to 1000m3 designed with pressure from 3 to 40 bars, horizontal or vertical. CELINETM tanks can also be designed with thermo-siphon features to optimize operations with cryogenic pumps.

CLAIRETM  is the range of cryogenic trailers and vehicles from 6 to 80m3 designed with pressure from 3 to 40 bars. CLAIRETM offer the highest payload and the lowest gravity center of the industry. CLAIRETM range of product can be equipped with cryogenic pumps to improve operations.  More than 1500 CLAIRETM  drive every day all around the world.

For Liquefied Natural Gas CRYOLOR offers tailored made and standard solutions for off grid projects, refueling stations and transportation trailers with more than 30 tons payload.

CRYOLOR has over 50 years experience in design and manufacture of cryogenic storage and distribution products. The company’s reputation for quality products, cutting edge innovation and services is unparalleled.

Business Details
  • Argancy Z.I des Jonquieres BP 7
  • Ennery, 57365
  • France
  • Tel: +33 3877 08550