Cryostar SAS (Head Office)

Hesingue, 68220, France

Tel: +33 389 70 2727

Cryostar SAS

Based on the technology developed for industrial gases, CRYOSTAR progressively entered the natural gas market providing LNG submerged pumps on LNG terminals, boil-off gas compressors and heat exchangers on LNG carriers and expanders/compressors for hydrocarbon applications. The company is also able to propose turbo expanders for natural gas pressure let down stations and wasted heat/geothermal energy recovery plants.

In 2001 CRYOSTAR started to launch innovative solutions for high pressure cylinder filling stations to meet most stringent requirements in terms of operating pressure and oxygen safety. Nowadays CRYOSTAR automated cylinder filling stations have demonstrated their technological superiority meeting high expectations from Minor and Major Gas Companies both for Industrial and Medical Gases.

Later on, the company has adapted its technology for natural gas market with equipment and solutions for LCNG and LNG vehicle refueling stations.

Today, the company continues to follow the LNG trends with small-scale liquefaction modules and pumping solutions for LNG bunkering or peak shaving applications.

CRYOSTAR keeps investing in R&D and testing facilities to remain at the cutting edge of technology, setting the standards of the future. Pumping solutions for liquid hydrogen and enhanced liquid nitrogen test facility for cryogenic pumps (the world’s biggest facility) along with new pneumatic and hydraulic test facilities are illustrating how CRYOSTAR anticipates needs of tomorrow’s industry.

Customer service is at the heart of CRYOSTAR’s priorities. The company has a strong presence worldwide through its Headquarter in France, its business centers in Brazil, China, India, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States as well as a wide network of qualified representative business partners and service centers.

CRYOSTAR’s vision is to be a leading innovative company, sustainably providing proactive customer service, supported by a strong culture encompassing skilled and engaged personnel. Innovate, take up challenges, have a passion for excellence, be generous in what we do, respect and empower our people, act with integrity are values CRYOSTAR and its personnel are proud of.

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