Air Water Inc.

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Air Water Inc.

Founded in Japan in 1929, our company has been supplying various industrial gases such as Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen and Helium in several supply forms to meet customers’ needs, and has been supporting the foundation of Japanese industry. 

We have been stably supplying oxygen which is essential for manufacturing iron, and nitrogen which is indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing sites, and other various gases to the leading Japanese companies. In recent years, we have been developing the industrial gas business in India and Vietnam by utilizing the achievements and know-how cultivated in Japan. 

In India, we are expanding our business by taking over the liquefied gas manufacturing and supply bases from Plaxair and Linde in 2019. From now on, we will expand our supply mainly to vehicle manufactures and various industry. In Vietnam, we established “ASU” in 2014 and are expanding our business as well. 

In Japan, we have been involved in the development, manufacture, construction and maintenance of industrial gas manufacturing plant such as deep-cooled air separation equipment and gas application equipment. 

We have developed abundant engineering technologies from large to small, such as on-site supply for blast furnaces, high-purity nitrogen gas generator “V1”, and development of “VSU” that efficiently produces liquefied oxygen and liquefied nitrogen in a small plant. I’m waiting. In gas applications, we have developed “QuickSnow”, which removes particles from the surfaces of precision parts and substrate by colliding dry ice particles from injection nozzles at high speed. By leveraging the industrial gas-related technology that we have cultivated over many years, we will establish a global engineering base and expand the range of our unique products such as carbon dioxide-related equipment and cryogenic transportation equipment through M&A. We are keenly working to increase our presence in the market through those equipment and engineering, mainly in the North American area. 

In addition, we have welcomed the company which engages in high-power UPS engineering and equipment businesses to our group to expand our business globally. The high-power UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is the device for constant  supply of electric power. In recent years, the amount of data communication has been rapidly increasing due to the spread of cloud services and IoT as the environment surrounding information communication. With increasing demand for expansion of data centers and semiconductor factories, the global market for UPS is expected to continue to grow at a high rate. 

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