Air Water Inc.

Osaka, 542-0081, Japan

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Air Water Inc.

Founded in Japan in 1929, our company has been supplying various industrial gases such as Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen and Helium in several supply forms to meet customers’ needs and has been supporting the foundation of Japanese industry.

We have been stably supplying oxygen which is essential for manufacturing iron, and nitrogen which is indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing sites, and other various gases to the leading Japanese companies. In recent years, we haves focused on India and North America, and are accelerating the expansion of our industrial gas and related equipment and engineering business by leveraging its advanced technological capabilities developed in Japan.

In India, the company took over the on-site gas production facilities for steel mills from Praxair and Linde in 2019.

In September 2023, we were awarded a contract by the State Steel Corporation of India to supply on-site gas to a steel plant in the eastern India. We have also entered the engineering and industrial gas business in North America, and will continue to expand our business globally.

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