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Airborne Labs International Inc.

About Us
Our independent, commercial lab company specializes in gas analysis (including ISO-17025 accredited laboratory testing) and also in providing a wide range of specialized gas purity analysis systems. Examples of our analytical lab capabilities include: SAE J2719 H2 Fuel Purity, ISBT CO2, CO2 Feed gas analysis, Biogas/ Flue characterization, N2 Bev-gases, Mil-Spec Aviation Breathing Oxygen (ABO), SF6 power insulation Gases, high purity gas / gas mixture analyses and R&D studies related to gas impurity removal. In addition, we supply gas detector tubes, clean sampling bags, passivated cylinders, solid adsorbent cartridges and other niche technical hardware – worldwide. For customer support we offer on-site gas sampling, hazmat shipping, gas analyzer system design, turn-key installation, customer training, consumables, spare parts and repair services including remote monitoring-diagnosis.  

We were founded in 2000 in a basement-garage. Now we occupy 10,000 sq. ft. in Somerset, NJ and have just become an ESOP (Employee-Stock Ownership Program) based company which has many benefits to customers. Our international distributor-service network is growing and includes France, Norway, Russia, Africa, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, China, Brazil, Israel and Dubai. Airborne’s NJ facility (located in the NYC metropolitan area) is home to our laboratory and analytical products divisions.  

The key to our success is our state-of-the-art analytical instrument assets that are specially engineered to require only a small, low pressure (non-compressed) volume of sample gas for full lab analysis. This allows us to rent or sell special gas sampling kits for simple, low-pressure sampling of all “Division 2.2” type gases. The result is that non-compressed, 2.2 gases can be legally, quickly and economically shipped to our laboratory from anywhere in the world as “non-hazardous materials of no commercial value” (No-Haz). In addition, for international H2 fuel testing applications we offer for rent or sale passivated ASTM-based H70 fuel samplers for both SAE-2719 listed gaseous impurities as well as particulates & non-volatile organic residues (NVOR).  

In summary, Airborne Labs International can act as reliable technical resource for many types of gas purity related applications. These include traditional laboratory-based samples, technical products and on-site gas analyzers. We have a world-recognized, highly experienced professional staff, state-of-the art facilities, worldwide customer base and ISO credentials. Our mission is simply to offer rapid,

World-Class Service at a Fair Price