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AirSep Corp.

AirSep Corporation, a division of CAIRE Inc., is the world leader in Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) oxygen systems. AirSep’s wide range of oxygen products have been installed globally for more than 35 years and serve multiple applications and industries including bioremediation, ozone generation, aquaculture, gold leaching, hospitals and medical facilities, and wastewater treatment, among others.

AirSep’s broad product portfolio includes low-pressure plug and play, self-contained units like the Topaz and Topaz Ultra; PSA-engineered containerized cylinder refilling plants built around the tried-and-true Alpha Series; and customized, VPSA tonnage plants for high volume needs such as wastewater treatment. 

In addition to oxygen gas generators, AirSep Standard PSA Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen gas onsite offering safe, efficient and reliable solutions to fulfill many nitrogen applications like manufacturing, oil and gas/power generation, food and beverage, automotive, and mining industries. Whether you need to fill nitrogen cylinders or require high flow nitrogen on demand, AirSep provides a selection of nitrogen systems.

Any AirSep gas generating plant can be designed/customized for a wide range of applications and containerized options and are available for easy installation. 

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