AlyTech SAS

Juvisy sur Orge, 91260, France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 69 56 07 17

AlyTech SAS

Since 2007 AlyTech develop, manufacture and sell automated and precise gas mixers & diluters under GasMix™ brand. The systems works with aggressive gases, LPG, liquid evaporation or permeation tubes enable users to prepare directly on-site specific gas mixtures with high precision, accurate and with full traceability.

GasMix™ diluters not only accurately prepare gas mixtures, but also automatically calculate and report maximum relative uncertainties for every delivered concentration.

Our systems are widely used in industry to perform multi-point calibrations, linearity checks and LOQ/LOD validation of gas analysers, elemental analysers, GC detectors, spectrometers.

The application areas also include generation of complex synthetic gas mixtures for testing interferences, development and validation of chemo metrics models for spectrometers, engine bench tests and emission control.

GasMix™ is controlled via dedicated software enabling unattended automatic operation; build, save, run complex automated sequences of mixing/diluting adapted to every need.

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