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CIRCOR | Cpc-Cryolab

“For almost six decades CIRCOR Cryogenics’ vision has remained the same: “Building Our Customers’ Futures – One Solution at a Time.” The company specializes in ultracold liquid hydrogen and liquid helium products with operating temperatures to 4 Kelvin that expertly provide highly engineered, long-term solutions that uphold the highest of standards for performance, safety, and our world’s environment. The product portfolio of CPC-Cryolab and Rockwood Swendeman brands includes cryogenic valves, vacuum insulated products, vacuum jacketed valves, cryogenic filters, bayonet connections and complex vacuum insulated piping and manifold systems.

Back in the early ninety’s CPC-Cryolab was the primary valve supplier to the Super-Conducting Super-Collider (SSC) project for both magnet cooling and liquefier production. Today, our control valves are used in highly critical applications in both liquid and gas production facilities. CIRCOR Cryogenics supplies cryogenic valves and associated hardware for many national laboratories involved in subatomic particle research with liquid helium cooled accelerator rings. Their products are used in applications such as hydrogen mobility, space exploration, superconductivity, and semiconductors, to name a few.

CIRCOR Cryogenics continues to lead the way in the industrial gas market by being the building block of technology and cryogenic hardware supporting the industry and its customers. There’s a reason their valves are demanded in the most high-stakes, critical applications – because their thinking and their products have stood the test of time and helped make history.”

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