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Cryogas Equipment Pvt Ltd.

CRYOGAS Promoter Mr. Nayan Pandya started marketing of Cryogenics Tanks for a French Manufacturer in 1997. With these imported tanks the market required world class Cryogenic Vaporizers, which were designed, engineered, manufactured and supplied locally for follow rates from 100 to 1,00,000 Cu.M/hour. The combination of these tanks and vaporizers enabled Industrial Gases industry in India benefit from International Design and local execution support.
The market appreciated world class Cryogenic Vaporizers and expected much more than just products.

CRYOGAS immediately started development of further Cryogenic Equipment and offered cutting edge technologies, complete turn-key solutions, which included Cryogenic Tanks, Vaporizers, Interconnecting Piping, approvals from Competent Authorities. This developed into one stop solution for several industries including Industrial Gases, Steel Plants, Fertilizers, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Medical, etc.
By end of the Century, MNCs from world over entered Indian market to invest into Captive and Merchant Air Separation plants with the intention to reach the last mile customer for any given volumes and variety of applications.
CRYOGAS Group of Companies were the front runners and developed fully indigenised and integrated solutions, which catered to MNC Companies’ requirements based on International Codes, Specifications and Standards. As of today, CRYOGAS offers wide variety of Cryogenic Storage, Transport, transfer, Regasification, Liquefaction and Re-liquefaction, bottling, blending, cleaning and purging back up installations. The products and solutions catered to meet the wish list of all types of designers and buyers. While MNC Companies in the domestic market appreciated the initiatives they also enabled export of Cryogenic Equipment out of India, which helped CRYOGAS put up World Class Special Economic Zone (SEZ) export facility. In LNG sector, CRYOGAS utilizes its 360°C knowledge in cryogenics and gases to provide indigenous products and solutions to meet most demanding LNG value chain market.

Future has got to be better than today, so, R & D at CRYOGAS is an all time affair. In association with Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), CRYOGAS provides Japanese technology coupled with Indian design and manufacturing to the Scientific Community, which Includes NPCIL, IPR, ISRO, PRL, ITER, BARC, ICAT, ARAI, DRDO and several such Organizations and Universities.
Future of Planet Earth is everyone’s responsibility and CRYOGAS has committed to provide world class equipment and solutions to enhance safety, efficiency, economy with ensured ease of handling of CRYOGENICS AND GASES.

CRYOGAS partnered with Cryonorm BV of Holland (, a very likeminded company, equally interested in the upcoming Indian market in 2008. In association with Cryonorm BV, CRYOGAS provides high end technologies for High Flow High Pressure Heated Vaporizers like electric heated, steam and water heated, Diesel / Natural Gas fired. Several LNG value chain solutions are now available to the most demanding LNG industry for reducing the carbon footprint and harmful emissions.

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