Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

Fort Collins, TX, 80525, United States

Tel: 281 744-7374

Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

Cryogenic Industrial Solutions
At Cryogenic Industrial Solutions (CIS) we pride ourselves in offering a unique broad array of experience, expertise and resources that can support and enable customers in many different ways. Core offerings include equipment installation, repairs, leasing, contract carrying, bulk delivery, Nitrogen Pumping and Nitrogen Concrete Cooling. With resources spread across the US and Canada, we provide custom, reliable and optimized solutions.

Integrity Gas Services
Acquired in late 2020, Integrity Gas Services (IGS) provides a wide range of customizable Nitrogen Services solutions. IGS is led by a leadership team with decades of experience, and a wide range of equipment strategically staged in Texas, Oklahoma and Indiana. IGS is ideally staffed, equipped and positioned to provide cost effective solutions throughout the continental US.


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  • 2040 SE Frontage Rd
  • Fort Collins, TX, 80525
  • United States
  • Tel: 281 744-7374