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What is EvolutionX? It’s a feature-complete B2B eCommerce webstore designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors with content, commerce, connectivity, and communication. This configurable, intuitive platform sets your online store apart from the rest. 

Introducing: A New Online Era – The biggest problem in gas and welding ecommerce has been solved. EvolutionX, DDS, CU TIMS have come together to bring gas and welding businesses a complete solution that includes:

  • An ecommerce platform built for B2B gas and welding businesses
  • Enriched gas and welding product content
  • A proven integration with leading CU TIMS
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Commerce Built Specifically for B2B

Create a shopping experience your customers expect with built-in B2B functionality. With EvolutionX, you can:

  • Restrict what users see by role and catalog
  • Create cost centers for budget approvals
  • Set up multi-tiered pricing
  • View, edit, and create quotes

Connectivity With Your ERP

Create smooth data transfers, manage everything from a single source, and free up your valuable time. By integrating to EvolutionX, you can have:

  • Gas cylinder balance display
  • Cylinder rental functionality
  • Bulk gas ordering
  • Inventory stock levels

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“From day one, ES Tech Group, DDS, and Computers Unlimited worked together to make our website project easy. They solved problems and collaborated in a way that made us extremely confident in the entire process, and that has made all the difference in the world. We have effectively combined the best product data in our industry with an eCommerce platform that is fully integrated with our back-office system. The result is an amazing customer experience that will help us grow for years to come.” – Amy Dardis, General Distributing

Hear more about General Distributing’s experience with ES Tech Group and EvolutionX:

We’ve launched hundreds of webstores globally, accounting for billions in total revenue. Let our team of experts guide you to the right gas and welding solutions.

We’re Here to Help You Grow.

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