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Edinburgh Sensors

Since 1980, Edinburgh Instruments have designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of gas sensors based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), fail safe gas sensing technology. The application of our original research and development has contributed to several major advances in the world of infrared gas sensing and delivered a comprehensive portfolio of products for the detection of CO, CO2, CH4, and various refrigerants.

OEM Gas Sensors
Edinburgh Sensors range of OEM gas sensors are manufactured to the highest specification for integration into a wide range of systems where fast, accurate and reliable measurements of CO, CO2, CH4 and many other gases are required.

The OEM Gascard series is the product of choice for an assortment of blue chip companies globally who require long-term stability and accuracy in the most demanding of industrial gas sensing applications.

Gas Monitors
The Guardian range of infrared gas monitors offer near-analyser quality, continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations.

Our dedicated sales and technical team are committed to providing unparalleled customer support.


Accessories include:
•    Pumps and filters
•    Communications options
•    Calibration certification
•    Certificates of conformity

Spare Parts:
•    RS232 NG CABLE
•    EPDM (Pump) Diaphragm
•    Guardian Pump, Universal 12V ac
•    Pump diaphragm complete with pump block
•    Filter capsule 1.0µ PTFE Inline for the Gascard NG
•    Hydrophobic Filter Capsule + seal for Guardian
•    Calibration Certificate

Such technology has been widely accepted and adopted by many other gas sensor manufacturers worldwide. Our diverse range of robust OEM Gas Sensors and Gas Monitors enable fast, reliable and continuous gas detection. With a global reputation for high performance, our products are an ideal solution for those applications where accuracy, safety, and reliability are paramount. We continue to pioneer developments as we explore new opportunities using NDIR and non-NDIR technologies. Backed by our widely recognised technological achievements we are firmly committed to our customers and invest in our people. We stand by our global reputation for excellence.

All orders are shipped with free logging software information on a USB key.

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