Elbagas Sh.A.

Elbasan, Elbasan, 3001, Albania

Tel: + 355 54 253396

Elbagas Sh.A.

ELBAGAS was established in 1998 as a private company.

The ELBAGAS plant is located inside the area of the former Steel Works Complex in the vicinity of Elbasan City, about 60 km from Durres harbour, 50 km from Tirana and 80 km from Customs offices at the Albanian-Macedonian border.

ELBAGAS is capable to manufacture and supply pure Liquid Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) at a wide range of transportable pressure equipments (cylinders, drums and road tank) at competitive prices and at the shortest delivery time possible, so it is able to dynamically meet any of the clients’ orders.

The ELBAGAS enlargement has made it possible for new investments to improve the working environments and the manufacturing line, as well. The equipments are reliable to guarantee high quality and safe products as specified by the Albanian regulations and EU regulations, too.

The ELBAGAS manufactures high-purity Liquid Sulphur Dioxide through a direct reaction of elemental sulphur and pure oxygen (instead of air) and through further liquefaction. This process has a number of costs and environmental advantages over conventional methods of producing liquid SO2.

Our products are highly appreciated by our regional markets clients, especially by the wines, sugar, starch and fruits compotes serious producers.

ELBAGAS is considering to increase its exports into the markets of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Italy etc. The Liquid Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) is always available in our stores and packaged in containers according to clients’ requests and in full compliance with EU regulations.

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  • Ish-Kombinati Metalurgjik, Uzina 12, Elbasan, Albania
  • Elbagas, Elbasan
  • Elbasan, Elbasan, 3001
  • Albania
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