Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners

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Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners

Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners (EIAP) was founded to provide companies and investors across the energy and industrial markets with strategic consulting and M&A advisory services from seasoned consultants with significant industry experience.

Our team and our subject matter experts have worked in the industries we cover and have maintained that focus during our consulting careers. We don’t take on engagements outside our core verticals. This specialism enables us to provide proprietary insights into the perspectives of key customers, suppliers and competitors. Our collective experience amounts to hundreds of transactions and strategic engagements alongside some of the world’s most sophisticated investors and companies.

We understand your products, services and the markets you operate in which allows us to ask the right questions and continue the conversation in a way generalist firms can’t. Our large network of subject matter experts and industry connectivity also gives us access to the key decision makers relevant to your business.

Every project is bespoke and tailored to your business or investment needs. We quickly identify and understand the issues facing your business and develop the solutions you need to grow revenue and profitability and help you meet your other strategic goals. We understand that insight not only comes from the C-Suite but also the shop floor, and we’re just as comfortable in the field as we are in the board room.

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