FIBA Technologies Inc.

Littleton, MA, 1460, United States

Tel: +1 508 887 7100


Since 1958, FIBA serves industrial and specialty gas distributors and manufacturers. FIBA manufactures and reconditions transport, storage and filling equipment, including DOT, ISO and ASME pressure vessels, tube trailers, ISO modules, ASME and DOT receivers, bulk transporters, tanks, and vaporizers. FIBA provides ultrasonic, acoustic emission and hydrostatic requalification of pressure vessels.

Whether our customers are moving bulk gaseous products by land or by sea, FIBA can supply the equipment needed for safe, cost-effective transportation and containment. FIBA’s quality is recognized worldwide!  For more information, please visit our website ( or send an e-mail to

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  • 53 Ayer Rd,
  • Littleton, MA, 1460
  • United States