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Furui Group, represented by its European company Furuise Europe, is a leader on manufacturing cryogenic equipment, specially focused on LNG sector.

Since 2014, Furuise Europe has been responsible for developing the group’s network in Europe, Latin America and North Africa. Our headquarters are near Barcelona and the team of professionals, all of whom are European, have great experience in the sector of hazardous goods, cryogenic products and LNG. We also have the support of collaborators who are experts in our markets.

Our main facilities of more than 320.000 sq. m allow us to manufacture cryogenic tanks up to 10,000 m3 and up to 1,100 m3 with vacuum insulation.
In such big capacities, this equipment are specially designed and used for ships as fuel or bunkering and port installations. We are experts in LNG type C marine tanks, with huge number of references manufactured under all main class society. Based on that we are considered as leader manufacturer for IGF and IGC tanks.

We offer LNG storage solutions for LNG-LCNG fuelling stations and regasification plants adapted to the customer request. Into our range of products we offer Multi-Layer Insulation low vacuum insulation tanks with a low boil-off rate to improve the efficiency of the installation.

On transport equipment, we can provide marine ISO containers for LNG. With this equipment customers can achieve new solutions for logistics, possibilities to use as static tank and cost reduction of investment in equipment. Containers manufactured with Multi-Layer Insulation to ensure minimum losses due to thermal transfer, and with an optimised design to obtain maximum capacity, guaranteeing the minimum possible tare for the transport of different cryogenic products (LNG, LIN, LOX and LAR).

LNG semitrailers are also available and they are adapted to customer demand like high flow supply for marine bunker use. Our range of semitrailers include high capacity models (up to 59.2 m3), 1 axle semitrailer and rigid units designed and manufactured in keeping with valid ADR standards and based on the EN-13530 design code and the TPED 2010/35/EU directive on transportable pressure equipment. We can also offer the option of carrying out the design and manufacturing under the current ASME standard.

We have a manufacturing line specialized on cylinders (industrial and vehicular), able to produce up to 100,000 units per year.

With our partner company Changlong, we can offer a wide range of loading arms for cryogenic use.

We can deliver skids of piping adapted on demand of customer.

Our aftersales workshops are placed in Europe (Spain), Latin America (Chile), Asia (China) and other locations under development in order to offer the maximum security and service to our customers. All our services are distinguished by being offered workshops with proven experience and a good reputation in the sector, which helps us maintain our quality standards.

At Furuise we always help our clients to offer their best image.


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