Gas Equipment Co., Inc.

Houston, TX, 77041, United States

Tel: (713) 896-1077, Ext. 2205

Gas Equipment Co., Inc.

Since 1937, Gas Equipment Company has been committed to building lasting relationships by always putting the customer first. We globally serve the Cryogenic, Compressed Gas, LNG, LPG, Industrial Gas, and NH3 markets by providing regulators, globe valves, gate valves, actuated ball valve packages, check valves, relief valves, CGA fittings, hoses, pump & compressor packages, cylinder valves, flow meters, and much more.  Our technical sales staff can provide insight and recommendations regarding the quality equipment we have to offer for your application.

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Business Details
  • 11510 N. Petro Park Dr
  • Houston, TX, 77041
  • United States
  • Tel: (713) 896-1077, Ext. 2205
  • Fax: (713) 896-9299