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HeBei Geluorui Filter Tech Co.,Ltd

Hebei Geluorui Filter Tech Co.,Ltd is a Professional and specializing in designs,processing,supply to filter cylinder mesh, strainer mesh filter,filter element or components and others Filtration
and separation systems products in china .Founded in 2000 year ,From OEM smaller factory. Come to one of bigger company this business area, To have the “Glory” Brand to got great
reputation in the Filtration and separation industrial business area of Hebei china.

We have Advanced machines equipment and technology Craft ,modernizations workshops,also we have professional technicians engineer and managerial staff base on ISO9000 standard,
From raw material to the finished products ,all the step and line for checking and test,To got best products Then follows up next step working line ,Cut down the inferior Products rate ,Save
the raw materialand labor efficiency case ,Nice wooden box packing ,To make sure all products excellent for delivery to the clients side!

Our products such as Brass Filter Disc Mesh,Stainless Steel Filter Disc Mesh,Filter Washers Screen,Sintered Filter Disc Mesh,Pack Leaf Filter
Screen,Oil Filter Disc Screen, Filter Cylinder Mesh,Wedge Strainer ScreenPerforated Cylinder Screen,Replacement Filters cylindrical Screen,
Candle Filter Screen,Bazooka Filter Cylinder Screen,Cone Strainer Mesh,Conical Strainer Screen,Fuel Cone Basket Strainer,Cone Washer
Strainer Mesh,Temporary Conical Strainers Screen,Cone Tea strainer Screen,Inlet Strainer Screen,Floor Drain Strainer Mesh,Valve Strainer
Mesh,,Nozzle Strainer Mesh,Tank Mount Strainer Screen,Vehicles Strainer Mesh.Cylindrical Filter Element,Pleated Filter Element,Sintered Filter
Element,Perforated Sintered Filter Element,Sintered Metal Power Filter Element,Hydraulic Filter Elements,Refrigerate Mesh Shelf,Wire Light
Guards,Corner Wire Rack,Wire Fan Guard ,Bathroom Mesh Rack, Wire Mesh Guards, Dental Mesh Trays,Sterilization Mesh Trays,Instrument
Wire Mesh Trays,Fine Mesh Tray ,Perforated Screen Tray,Flanged basket strainers,Replacement Basket Strainer Mesh,Perforated Basket Strainer
Screen,Strainer Filtration Basket Screen,Fryer Basket strainer Screen and so on.

Our Mesh filter and Filter elements or parts products are widely used in water treatment filtration,filtration of high polymer,drug,
hydraulic oil,chemical fiber Filtration,The filtration systems machines of the generate electricity power plants and Pharmaceutical
factory,T or Y types strainer during into the chemical industry,BrassY strainer and Inlet strainers During home,hotel and university
into the water supply,purification and sewer systems,gas and oil filtration equipment systems,beer brewing filtration systems,
rubber and plastic filter separation chemicals industry,recycling, replacement sieve system,agricultural irrigation and sprays
machines,food and beverage Sieving processing and Filter,The edible oil and wheat flour processing and filtration industrial,
pharmaceuticals,coal mine industrial,kitchenware,bathroom drain filtration andgoods racks,Coffee processing and refine sugar
industry.auto car and motorcycle filtration systems accessories,waste water treatment filtration systems.

Our filter elements and parts and mesh Filter products sell home market and export to USA,Canada,Russia,Netherlands,Germany,Italy,Denmark,UK,France,Belgian,Sweden, Norway, Estonia,
Lithuania,Malta,Spain,Portugal,Greece,Finland,Poland,Serbia,Latvia,Turkey,Israeli,Saudi-Arabia,Dubai,Kuwait,Jordan,Iran,Egypt,Doha,Bahrain,Tunisia, Algeria, South of Africa,Ethiopia,
SriLanka,Japan,South of Korea,Bangladesh.Indonesia,Malaysia,India,Pakistan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Kyrgyzstan,Thailand,Burma,Vietnam,Singapore,Philippines,Chile,Jamaica,
Mexico,Colombia,Peru,Argentina,Bolivia, Brazil ,Australia,New Zealand,and so on.

We follow the “Not Short Cut For The Quality And Value”, professional engineer and sales group for doing business service ,then keeping and have great reputation in our customers or clients ,base on our advanced technology and complete inspection system,To believe in taking up challenges to offer custom engineered products. To working together to understand the needs of clients and provide solutions processing and made to their offer
requirements.For Keeping and continue to add new innovative products to our range. Then endeavour to continually improve products & technology with
the objective of providing our customers with value VIP products and services. To Keeping this status for long haul. We base on ISO quality management
system certificate and use to have Reach certificate from raw material Vender .For manufacture and producing better filtration products,To make sure nice and suitable for industrial demand. We believe in taking up challenges to offer custom engineered products. To working together to understand
the needs of clients and provide solutions processing and made to their offer requirements.

Thanks to the help and support from friends both home and abroad,we have achieved constant ,and our products enjoy good reputation from worldwide customers.

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