Hobur Twente BV

Almelo, 7602 KE, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 546 573665

Hobur Twente BV

Hobur Twente has over half a century of experience in design and fabrication of transport equipment for liquefied gases and offers high quality engineered products focused on maximum payload and performance for the operator.

We specialize in tailor made solutions on top of a solid engineered base to guarantee both maximum integration and uptime.

Being a CIMC company, we are part of a global network of companies supplying to the industrial gas industry and you will find our products globally.

For more information call:

Jan Herm Lenters, email: [email protected], telephone: +31-546-573665 or
Eddie Veijer, email: [email protected], telephone: +31-546-573665

Business Details
  • Bedrijvenpark Twente 115
  • Almelo, 7602 KE
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel: +31 546 573665