IWB - Ingenieurbüro Wolfgang Bauer

Egling, 82544, Germany

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IWB – Ingenieurbüro Wolfgang Bauer

IWB, based in Munich, Germany, is an expert in automation and offers a complete range of ICA engineering services to a worldwide customer base, utilizing strong expertise in the gas industry. The robust service portfolio covers new constructions, modernization, as well as the realization of process management systems. IWB has completed over 350 complex engineering projects in more than three decades worldwide. IWB distinguishes itself not only by 30 years of market experience in the areas of electrical, measuring, control and automation technology from its competitors, but above all by the specific combination of in-house engineering and software development.

In today’s competitive global market, innovative solutions determine business success. The core areas in industrial production techniques are aspects such as process simplification, the assurance of increased production safety, and a certifiable guarantee of unvarying product quality. IWB offers tailored solutions considering every single step to improve process analysis and logistics. 

Being specialized in the customized development of technological solutions for their business partners, IWB analyzes the individual demands according to the following criteria in advance: production, quality, safety, and reduction of cost. The assessment of necessary flexibility, future security of the systems, and processes foreseen is a collaborative process between IWB and its customers. This provides a strong basis for scalable solutions. 

The in-house developed turnkey solution CRYO.TAS is a cutting-edge MES system controlling storage tanks as well as managing fully automated loading and unloading of gas and bulk material, with an unrivaled number of features, adaptability, and scalability. Not only does it meet all loading requirements and international safety standards – it offers serious competitive advantages to its widely-installed base of global players in the gas producing industry for cryogenic gas, air gas products, CO2, H2 and LNG. More than 500.000 loadings have been executed with CRYO.TAS to this day. Being object-oriented, the system can be used transnational, and country-specific characteristics can be incorporated easily. Hence there are barely costs for adaption. 

CRYO.TAS is a complete, modular, and fully scalable solution that can be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure and meets the most challenging requirements around logistics, safety, and quality management. Being platform-independent, it allows management and system monitoring location independent and in real-time. Every single aspect, from the identification of driver and vehicle to weighing and prescheduled, quality controlled refueling, can be completed and archived literally on autopilot. And using external administration, the entire administration of drivers and trucks can be handed over to trusted transport suppliers to save quality time. 

Therefore, CRYO.TAS not only monitors and validates sensitive goods according to GMP, it also calibrates all dedicated test equipment and keeps everything documented. CRYO.TAS generates batches with lot numbers and is the first choice for a maximum level of production security and warranty. While compliance with any related international guidelines is guaranteed, the platform offers in-depth data analysis options for forecasting, maintenance, proof of obligation, or the performance tracking of customers and partners. The dedicated website www.cryotas.com offers an in-depth overview of all related technical aspects.

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