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Linde GmbH, Linde Engineering

Building on its vast and unique experience, Linde has been developing and optimizing gas processing, separation and liquefaction technologies for 140 years. Through trusted, lasting business relationships, we collaborate closely with customers the world over to develop tailored solutions that maximize plant lifecycle productivity, efficiency and service life. Our plants play an indispensable role in the success of customers across multiple industries – from natural gas and oil refining through petrochemicals and fertilizers to electronics and metal processing.

Our proven high-performance PSA systems provide reliable and cost-effective separation and purification technology for a wide range of process gases. Capacities range from small plants producing a few hundred Nm3/h to large-scale plants with feed gas flows of over 400,000 Nm³/h.

The PSA systems are suitable for a vast number of applications in the refining, petro-chemical, chemical, iron/steel and mining industries, including:

  • H2 recovery and purification
  • O2/N2 generation
  • CO2 recovery and removal
  • He recovery and purification
  • C2+ recovery
  • Methane purification

Furthermore, we have extended our capabilities to high-performance polymer based membrane applications combined with our adsorption technologies for treatment and/or purification of a huge variety of process gases like He, H2, CO or CH4.

As one of the world’s leading industrial gases and engineering companies, Linde covers the full spectrum of the hydrogen value chain. We can help customers and industry stakeholders navigate through the complexities of the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Our engineers work with customers in identifying their path to zero emissions and provide support to design, build and operate that project, every step of the way. Our expertise today comes from a pioneering past and a visionary future.

Think hydrogen. Think Linde.

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