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LNG Express Pvt Ltd.

LNG Express  as against the world average of between 25% to 30% gas consumption per capita, India has an average of between 7% to 10%, which is extremely less and probably this must be the reason why majority of the popular cities in first 20 apperier from India.

Keeping this in mind, promoter of CRYOGAS equipment, Mr. Nayan Pandya and the vision the necessity of displaying the LNG based infrastructure technology such that natural gas can be made available at pan India locations difficult trains and major cities.

With this vision a new company was created by the main and fain as LNG Express Pvt Ltd. As the name suggest LNG express means providing natural gas using LNG at an express speed. Basically natural gas is used inexpensively in India in several parts and corners but only the pipeline was available with some judiciary compulsion main on highly populated and important cities. This was almost 15 years back but now the pollution has become a major issue all across India. And therefore, this initiative taken by LNG Express provides from positive an economical way forward for making LNG available at every possible remote location, difficult trains, important industrial and commercial segments.

On the 31st of March 2018, LNG Express was inaugurated and it was the first time in India that using LNG and LCNG was produced and the distribution of LCNG was started on the same day. This LCNG was taken over to non-piped markets where natural gas for automate device not available. Taking this idea further the regulators and the stakeholders in the natural gas industry quickly pick one this idea and during the ninth and tenth round of the CGD bidding a large number of areas was provided which otherwise would wait for pipeline, to proceed with LNG as raw material for meet the requirements of household domestic consumption, CNG for automobile and industrial as well as commercial segments. The success of ninth and tenth bedding round shows a portion of LNG feel in the growth.

Once LNG Express was able to receive LNG store and supplied to non-piped market, the next and the obvious way forward was developing several applications of LNG and cater to several multiple demand centres in order to in throughput in the station. In this process LNG Express India Pvt Ltd. Has signed up HOA agreement with local CGD company Vadodara Gas Limited and soon the start supplying jointly natural gas though the pipeline to several hundred customers from the LNG Express Station.

Belong this LNG Express also develop in a metal cutting gas now popular as FLAMOXY which replaces dissolves actin and LPG in the metal cutting market segment. Several other applications were developed like LCNG for auto mobile, deiseal to CNG conversion and using CNG for old deiseal engines and reduce the pollution as well as reduce the cost of per kilometre transportation by more than 30 percent.

Last but not least, using LNG several other R&D efforts are made and several products are under launch which will enable use of LNG for citywide transportation, between cities or state transports transportation, mining fuel replacement deiseal to LNG and all other such high horse power heavy duty transportation using LNG replacing deiseal at large.

With this initiative LNG express is now expanding its market to several such non-piped markets which can benefits from this initiative.

Natural gas today is the cleanest fuel burner and LNG Express provides most competitive and safe technical solutions to reach the last mile customers to most affectively, efficiently and economically.

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