Alkegen (formerly Lydall)

Green Island, NY, 12183, United States

Tel: +1 518 880-1959

Alkegen (formerly Lydall)

As a global leader in high performance cryogenic insulation products, Alkegen has long been a quality supplier to global cryogenic OEM—supplying large installations worldwide such as ITER, CERN, DEZY, to name a few. Industry recognized products include CryoTherm®, CRS Wrap®, Cryo-Lite®, and their Biosoluble non-classified versions.

USA-made and certified to meet DOT-MC-338 (oxygen compatibility) requirements, Alkegen cryogenic products insulate a multitude of different tank sizes ranging from portable LOX Dewars to large LNG and LH2 transport and storage units. Alkegen’s engineering capabilities include a state-of-the-art Cryogenic Application Development Lab—allowing product characterization under actual use cryogenic conditions and development of new insulation products and configurations for improved efficiency and overall cost.

Business Details
  • 68 George Street
  • Green Island, NY, 12183
  • United States
  • Tel: +1 518 880-1959