SII Specialty Gases

Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Capital Region, 12970, Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 830 5555

SII Specialty Gases

We provide a Total Gas Solution for your every need.

Specialized in multi-component gas/liquid mixtures, from hydrocarbon to reactive blends, down to ppb level. Blends are produced in dedicated stations of standard gas mixtures, liquid mixtures, toxic gases, corrosive gases, and high purity mixtures. Certifications are released by an in-house ISO-17025-accredited analysis laboratory, with equipment and reference standards traceable to NIST, NMI, and SI.

We also offer specialty gas services, such as gas analysis and recertification services, gas disposal services, and cylinder treatment, as well as hydrostatic test services.

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  • Jl. Minangkabau No. 34
  • Manggarai
  • Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Capital Region, 12970
  • Indonesia
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