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Taylor-Wharton® (“TW”) produces a comprehensive range of cryogenic storage equipment for Industrial Gas, Life Science, & LNG applications.

As The Original Innovators in Cryogenic Equipment, TW has a long history of providing proven solutions for Industrial Gas & Life Science applications.  With new ownership and increased investment, this Taylor-Wharton CryoIndustrial product offering has now expanded significantly:

Atmospheric Bulk Tanks 

o VTM Series – Standardized vertical tanks from 900G to 15000G; pressures up to 600psig.

o HTM – Standardized horizontal tanks from 900G to 15000G, pressures up to 500psig.

MicroBulk Tanks – Full product line with sizes of 450LT to 5000LT; pressures up to 500psig

Liquid Cylinders – Complete product offering ranging from 60LT to 265LT, available in low (22psig), medium (230psig), high (350psig), and very-high pressures (500psig)

easyCarb Beverage Carbonation – Redesigned beverage carbonation line with models available from 300lb up to 1000lb

VJ CO2 Bulk Vessels – Innovative stainless-steel design offers superior cleanliness & safety for all applications. Available in 6-Ton, 14-Ton, 30-Ton, & 50-Ton sizes

Hydrogen Bulk Storage – Proven safety of Taylor-Wharton® hydrogen vessels available in sizes of 3,000G – 18,000G

Engineered Bulk Tanks –  Any size, pressure, or geometry up to 125,000 gallons

Mobile Delivery Units – MicroBulk delivery units available in sizes up to 3000G

Horizontal Bulk Transport Units – Up to 6000G

Vacuum-Insulated Piping (VIP) – Rigid piping systems with complete range of accessories

Vaporizers – Ambient, fan forced, steam & gas fired options

In in the Energy sector, Taylor-Wharton® CryoLNG continues to expand its offering of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage solutions.

Vehicle Fuel Tanks – LNG fuel systems optimized for heavy trucking applications. Systems include 150LT to 1250LT storage tank, valves, receptacles, & vaporization.

Bulk LNG Storage Vessels – Custom engineered bulk tanks & systems for LNG fueling, peak shaving, gas distribution and other LNG applications.

ISO Containers – Range of ISO Intermodal Containers for worldwide transport of LNG via ship, rail, or road.

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