Tekno Valves North America, Inc

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LA 70814, United States

Tel: (225) 330 - 6590

Tekno Valves North America, Inc

Tekno Valves, established 1971, is an ISO 9001 and TPED certified manufacturer supplying industrial, medical and specialty gas cylinder valves meeting global technical standards. Valves bearing “π” mark have been type tested by BAM Berlin to EN / ISO standards since 2008.

Our fully integrated design and manufacturing facility is equipped with state of-the-art CNC equipment and an in-house ISO 17025 certified laboratory. Our motto, “Driven by Excellence” has served to make Tekno Valves an industry standard used in 64+ countries.

Tekno Valves is an active member in AIIGMA, GAWDA, CGA and CI, and holds valve committee seats in ISO, CGA and BIS.

Business Details
  • 8480 Athens Ave
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LA 70814
  • United States