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Think-To Fluid Control Technologies Co., Ltd.

Think-To Fluid Control Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is an intelligent infrastructure service supplier for gas filling and supply industry, supplying the package gas business and services with the intelligence system all over the world. Think-To offers customized service including semi-automatic filling and automaticfilling with machine learning AI technology. The design and manufacture providedfrom Think-To follow the EIGA/CAC standards. The oxygen filling equipment iscertified by CTE/BAM and the explosive gas filling equipment is certified by ATEX.

Think-To focuses on the research and development of the automatic filling technology, equipment and software of technical gases. The leadership in Think-To has years of experience in the international enterprises, conclude the key to the gas business and achieve the proper solution to the difficulties. They have made a great achievement in the world-class thermodynamic calculation, cold filling, the allocation of the filling resources. The engineer team in Think-To has rich professional experience and devote to the gas project for years. Their professional expertise will guarantee the quality of the equipment and the process of whole project. Think-To offers technological support on-line 24/7. The service team has quick respond system will reach the site within a week after communication with a customized solution.

Think-To is the first domestic automatic filling service supplier of technical gases in China, with the leading service system. We choose the accessories and parts all over the world to reach the higher qualification and efficiency. Think-To combines advanced technology system and the high-quality equipment with a cost-effective solution from China. The product from Think-To is highly recommended by authoritative agencies in China. The product and solution provided by Think-To willalways be the best of your choice.

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