Unique MMO

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7475, South Africa

Tel: +27218357900

Unique MMO

MMO has multiple diverse offerings of Diving and Industrial Gases, Gas Storage Equipment, Portable Gas Filling Plants and LNG-CNG Equipment to meet varied client requirements.

MMO personnel, with the support of Unique Group, offer substantial experience in marine engineering, hyperbaric technology, military and defence, aerospace, nuclear and chemical engineering. This experience gives us a leading edge in obtaining contracts involving the design, production, supply and maintenance of our specialised equipment. All services offered are comprehensive and tailored to suit individual client needs.

Business Details
  • 152 Gunners Circle,
  • Epping Industrial, 7460 P.O.Box 895, Eppindust,
  • Cape Town, Western Cape, 7475
  • South Africa
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