Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l.

Cavallerleone (CN), 12030, Italy

Tel: (+39) 0172 915811

Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l.

Established in 1984, Vanzetti Engineering is the only Italian company active in the design and construction of cryogenic pumps and pumping systems for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Air Gases.

With a skilled staff composed by engineers, experienced designers and international professionals, the company has developed a comprehensive range of cryogenic pumps and components for its main business units: Automotive, Industrial and Marine.

Vanzetti Engineering is among the key contributors to the success of the LNG and Air Gases industry and provides:
•    Cryogenic pumps for LNG stations and bunkering ships
•    Liquid N2, Ar, O2, CO2 cryogenic pumps and equipment
•    High pressure pumps for marine fuel systems and transfer pumps for LNG terminals
•    Equipment quality and performances, process experience, safe and reliable operational features

Modularity, flexibility and simple installation are the main successful features of Vanzetti Engineering.

Business Details
  • Via dei Mestieri 3
  • Cavallerleone (CN), 12030
  • Italy