Air Liquide Electronics - Balazs NanoAnalysis

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Air Liquide Electronics – Balazs NanoAnalysis

Balazs operates ISO 17025 certified laboratories in US and in Taiwan that identify, analyze and resolve contamination issues for high-tech industries. Rapid and accurate analyses are available for gases, water, air, chemicals, tool component cleanliness, materials, coatings and wafers. We identify and track contamination to the source.

Our Gas Laboratory is located in Dallas, TX. We analyze gases used in applications for etchants CVD precursors, deposition, implantation, laser and chamber cleaning, as well as the typical bulk gases. We analyze contaminants in the gas-phase or liquid-phase of specialty gases or reactive gases. Routine impurity DLs are 10-100 ppbV with the capability to achieve 0.01 ppbV for the cleanest applications for acids, bases and SOX.

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