Filltech GmbH (Head Office)

Warburg, 34414, Germany

Tel: +49 564174440-0

Filltech GmbH

Filltech is a European-leading German engineering and manufacturing company, designing, developing and selling filling solutions for the gas industry and expanding rapidly on a world-wide level.

The medium-sized enterprise, which is headquartered in Warburg, Germany is represented in over 15 countries.

In addition to the standardized filling units and components Filltech has offered for over 12 years, we design and manufacture customized filling solutions for medical, consumer and industrial gas companies as well as organizations distributing specialty gases.

Today Filltech's gas filling stations can be found worldwide in filling operations of all tier 1 gas producers of the medical, industrial, special & food gas sector.

Business Details
  • Anton-Boehlen-Str. 25
  • Warburg, 34414
  • Germany
  • Tel: +49 564174440-0