GML SA (Goldfleet)

Boulogne Billancourt, 92100, France

Tel: +44 1628 471526

GML SA (Goldfleet)

Ever growing fleet of cryogenic iso-tanks and associated elements

40’ iso-tanks
Also dewars, MEGC’s and quads

22,000 litre and 22.0 bar working pressure suitable for all airgases well as CO2 and N2O (nitrous oxide) and ethylene
Also available with pump for CO2

10’ Off-shore
For LIN with DNV 2.7-1 certification for off-shore usage

Also suitable for clients with small calloff or limited space

Significant fleet of other iso-tanks for both cryogenic and liquefied gases as well as for liquid chemicals and acids. SBC’s for small volume chemicals and gases are a speciality. Worldwide representation particularly in Europe, Far East and USA.

Top class technical support linked to exceptionally fast reaction to clients questions and problems.

Business Details
  • 22 rue de l’Est
  • Boulogne Billancourt, 92100
  • France