Matar Srl.

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Matar Srl.

MATAR Srl. is a high pressure gas containers player, updated to the most modern technologies.

Cylinders selling, testing and refurbishing – Valves and caps – Ultra light rolls-on, modules and trailers for compressed gas transport.

Family owned company, MATAR is born in 1982 as aluminium cylinders distributor, mainly for beverage and fire markets; during the first decade of activity acquires a very high value position in the market, serving the main industrial, medical, beverage and specialty gases industries with cylinders and valves supplied from stock.

Becoming the Luxfer Gas Cylinder distributor for the Italian market, MATAR srl increases its expertise including into the products line all the devices required for the compressed gases market, such as valves, caps, manifold, decompression units and other accessories as well as cylinders bundle.

MATAR srl focuses its dynamic effort offering to the customers a complete range of products and decides to combine the sale of cylinders and accessories with an innovative service for re-testing and refurbishment.

Performing the periodic inspection for cylinders and compressed gas equipment required by the European specifications, MATAR srl acquires a high competence and, reinforced its relationship with the main gases operators/industries, is requested as CNG bus system and compressed gas transport system manufacturer.

Accepting the challenge, MATAR srl improved its gas transportation department and begun to design and manufacture Bulk Gas Transport Systems and storage systems.

During last 20 years many technological development have been introduced in our company and the management has driven MATAR srl to new steps forward in the market; the purchase of new warehouses and the improvement of the equipment with high technical solutions, did support us to create a high value complete service customer focused.

Maintaining its role of gas compressed cylinders dealer, mainly focused on aluminium cylinders ( types 1, 2 and 3 ), our company satisfy all re-test processes needs, including high tech level ultrasonic examination.

Today MATAR srl achieved its landmark status in the compressed gases containers market.

Currently involved in Hydrogen and specialty gases transport systems development by the major industries on the market, MATAR srl continuously adds new products in order to satisfy all customer needs in terms of high performing transport solution, designed and manufactured with composite cylinders.

Through innovative processes we ensure a total covering of the European norms requirement, working side by side with leading notified bodies.

In 2017 our company has been proud to introduce the LightPro Trailer, its last battery vehicle.

MATAR’s LightPro trailer ( 40 feet long ) has been designed, manufactured and approved in accordance with TPED and ADR/RID European Norms.
LightPro trailers concept is focused on weight savings, the objective being; “let the customer transports safely the highest gas quantity in a lowest weight system“.

MATAR’s gas transport systems are manufactured with high strength steel structures and type 3 aluminium cylinders, to transport Hydrogen, CNG/Biogas  and  all the  Industrial and Special compressed or liquefied gases compatible with aluminium.

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