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        Matar Srl.

        MATAR Srl. is a high pressure gas containers player, updated to the most modern technologies. Cylinders selling, testing and refurbishing – Valves and caps – Ultra light rolls-on, modules and trailers for compressed gas transport. Family owned company, MATAR is born in 1982 as aluminium ...

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        Gas Innovations (Head Office)

        GAS INNOVATIONS has become a leader and innovator in the industrial gas industry by providing producers/distributors with high purity hydrocarbons & refrigerant hydrocarbons, equipment and technical expertise to grow their business. Gas ProductsSpecializing in Polymer grade Propylene, Propane, High Purity Hydrocarbons & Refrigerant Hydrocarbons, Butane, ...

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        Calvera Group is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas storage and transport systems. The company is split into three divisions to supply on-demand solutions for hydrogen, industrial gases and CNG& biogas.

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