PTEC / Worthington Industries

Burscheid, D-51399, Deustchland

Tel: +49 (0) 2174 748 722

PTEC / Worthington Industries

PTEC – the company for innovative products

PTEC GmbH – a Worthington Industries company since Jan. 2021 – stands for comprehensive and reliable project supervision in mobile and stationary natural gas and hydrogen applications. We are a single source for consultation, engineering, prototyping, type approval, and patenting. With our portfolio, natural gas- and H2-driven vehicles’ safety, reliability and efficiency are continually improving.

Our portfolio comprises pipelines, screw connections, filters, non-return valves, electro-magnetic valves, and safety installations. Through collaboration with customers, university, and other, we supply the automobile industry with a steady stream of innovative products.

Business Details
  • Linde 11
  • Burscheid, D-51399
  • Deustchland