Sevengate Group

Enugu, Enugu, 042, Nigeria

Tel: +2348053831441

Sevengate Group

Sevengate Group is an integrated gas company strongly positioned and operating in the industrial and natural gas sector within the African continent. We manufacture a range of industrial and medical gases including pure Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Acetylene. We also distribute other speciality gases such as Argon, Carbon-dioxide, as well as a range of rare gases.

We design, build and install bulk LPG tanks with unique gas supply and distribution network that guarantees uninterrupted cooking gas supply to your home, business premises and mass housing units for your cooking and hot water needs. The bulk LPG tank is customised with absolute safety in mind and can be installed over-ground or underground in your premises without affecting the ecstatic of your home.

Business Details
  • PLOT C-20
  • Emene Industrial Area
  • Enugu, Enugu, 042
  • Nigeria
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