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Autosonic™ – the leading system for the re-qualification of gas cylinder

Autosonic™ offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art ultrasonic testing devices for the re-qualification of seamless gas cylinders. Our systems are designed and constructed in a modular way and can be customized to fulfill all test requirements. Our advantages:

  • Possibility to test mixed types of cylinders (various dimensions) without special adjustments
  • Auto probe centering device for examination of eccentric cylinders
  • Pulse repetition frequency (PRP) as required by the regulation/standard for high measurement resolution
  • Customized reports and individual data management solutions
  • Optimal setting possibilities allow testing of critical transition areas
  • Automatic calibration surveillance
  • Analysis of indications during testing process
  • Advice and support from initial investment to successful operation (commissioning, training, maintenance, surveillance, spare parts, calibration pieces, remote troubleshooting, etc.)

Swiss Safety Center is accredited and recognized by the EU as a notified body for conformity assessments of pressure equipment under TPED Directive 97/23/EU (CE1253) and a certified inspection body with over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic testing with certified experts.

Ultrasonic testing
Ultrasonic testing of seamless gas cylinders with Autosonic™ is an economical and cost-effective testing possibility which can be applied without having a big infrastructure and without a resource-wasting testing procedure (water filling, drying, etc.)

The examination of gas cylinders can be made without much preparation and final treatment work which results in a short throughput time. Moreover, cylinders for pure gases are not contaminated as the examination can be performed on the operational cylinder (no de-valving, costly cleaning work is not necessary, etc.).

Testing on your site
We assist you with testing assignments on site with our mobile ultrasonic testing system Autosonic™ light. Our team also assists you if you have staff shortage, require additional personnel due to seasonal peaks or need to bridge interruptions of your own cylinder testing facility.

You can count on us if you have a damage event or want to introduce the ultrasonic testing technique in your testing facility.

The Swiss Safety Center – for comprehensive security
Swiss Safety Center AG is a member of the SVTI Group and thus part of a centre of excellence in technical safety and risk management. Within this framework, the Swiss Safety Center offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for industry, retail and commerce. These include checks, permits and inspections of pressure equipment, welding technology and dangerous goods as well as conformity assessments. Other services relate to CE labelling and certification, evaluations, expert assessments as well as specialized initial and continuing vocational training.

The Swiss Safety Center also has recognized skills in the fields of materials science, metallurgy, materiolography and corrosion, and draws up damage analyses, expert assessments and reports. As a consequence, the Swiss Safety Center also conducts a wealth of non-destructive testing of samples using both stationary facilities at its own testing laboratory and mobile equipment on site.

Swiss Safety Center supports its customers worldwide with profitable systems, convincing technology and supportive partnership.


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