Bergamo, Dalmine, 24044, Italy

Tel: +39 035 560 111


Tenaris is a global leader for the manufacturing of seamless steel pipes, tubes and cylinders for high pressure gases.

Uniquely placed covering every phase of production, from steel making through hot rolling to the finished gas cylinder, Tenaris can guarantee the highest level of process and quality control, achieving the best performance and safety levels.

Tenaris offers customized dimensions and lengths to optimize gas transportation and storage, supplying complete Tube trailers (i.e: Hydrogen and CNG), ISO-Skid containers (MEGC) and ground storage systems.

Business Details
  • Piazza Caduti 6
  • luglio 1944, 1
  • Bergamo, Dalmine, 24044
  • Italy
  • Tel: +39 035 560 111