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    Chart Industries

    ‘You may never use the products we make, but everyone uses the products we make possible.’ Our focus is cryogenics. Chart is a recognized global brand for the design and manufacture of highly engineered cryogenic equipment and complete solutions used from the beginning to the ...

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    Zhejiang Rein Gas Equipment Co.,Ltd

    Zhejiang Rein Gas Equipment Co.,Ltd supplies Standard, Jumbo, and Super Jumbo Tube Trailers, gas ISO Tube Skids (MEGC), Ground Storage Assemblies, to CNG and industrial gas manufacturers, independent distributors, and specialty chemical producers. Rein is ISO 9001 Certified. Products are available for lease or sale, ...

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    TOMCO2 Systems

    Quickly approaching our 50th Anniversary, TOMCCO2 Systems has continuously produced…”CO2 storage and distribution equipment with focus on service, quality and innovation.  From concept to reality for traditional Industrial Gas applications and Dry Ice Production, to Water Treatment, Dry Ice Blasting, Food Freezing & Processing, and ...

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    “Realizing-Ideas” is our motivation to hand over our more than 25 years of know-how and international experience to our customers in the field of CO2 and Dry Ice. Key products are: – Unique Dry Ice Production Machines – Specially designed dry ice wrapping units – Designing ...

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    Gardner Cryogenics Inc

    Gardner Cryogenics designs and manufactures highly reliable storage tanks, trailers, and custom equipment for the lowest heat-leak and highest yield when transporting, storing, and transferring liquid hydrogen and helium. Gardner provides world-class repair and retesting services. ...

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