Yueyang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases Co., Ltd

Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China

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Yueyang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases Co., Ltd

Yueyang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases Co., Ltd. is a listed company specializing in the production, sales and development of mixed gases, high-purity gases, laser gases, food-grade gases and other gases. Our business scope is the development and construction of related products for electronic specialty gas projects. Products include 5N Neon, 6N Helium, 5N Krypton, 5N Xenon, Propulsion 6N Xenon, 6N Hydrogen, 5N&7N&8N Carbon Dioxide, 5N Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Chloride Based Laser Mixed Gas, Fluorine Reference Molecular Laser Mixed Gas, a series of electronic special gases such as dynamic laser mixed gas. You can also visit our company website to learn more about us. The website is https://kmtgases.en.alibaba.com

  1. We have a complete industrial base and resources in China, and can provide customers with raw gas and products of various grades and prices.
  2. We have a complete supply chain and can customize various gas products according to customer requirements. Various gas cylinders, bottle valves, packaging materials, purity indicators, etc.
  3. We have sufficient delivery experience and on-time delivery capability to become the best partner in the customer’s supply chain.
  4. We have the world’s top gas analysis equipment and provide professional gas analysis services.
  5. We cooperate with many well-known companies in the industry to provide the most professional gas research and development solutions.


Yueyang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases Co., Ltd. will continuously introduce high-quality products, develop new processes and products, recruit talents, develop and purchase advanced equipment, and adopt a professional and industrialized operation mode to ensure product quality and production. The later manufacturing technology level is at the international advanced level.

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  • Yueyang City, Hunan Province
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