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NEW PRODUCT: the Line 8000, our new range of continuous analysers which include an Infrared, a Binary Gas mixture, a Paramagnetic and a Zirconia sensor. 

From its base in Alleur, Belgium and with a workforce of around 50 people, Orthodyne exports around 95% of its production all over the world via national sales and support agents on every continent – and works in cooperation with all major producers and suppliers of industrial gas throughout the world. 

The company is immersed in gas chromatographs (GCs), instruments, detectors and total analytical engineering solutions. Orthodyne sells more than just products – its mission is to supply solutions. To achieve this, the company develops, produces and/or distributes a large range of analytical products (continuous analysers, chromatography systems) and services. These services include analytical engineering, data acquisition systems and validation. Orthodyne’s special asset is the ‘modular concept’ and the company uses a modular system to design and assemble analysers to meet the most demanding customer requirements. 

Orthodyne also specialises in analytical engineering by cooperating with other instrument manufacturers to supply a complementary range, with just one aim in mind: providing the customer with a total solution. The company can supply IT solutions through in-house development of analysis software, training, maintenance, and permanent support from its after-sales department. 

The company’s equipment can be found mainly with the major gas producers, in air separation plants, in bottle filling plants, as well as in major laboratories. The fields of application are, thus, very broad, ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical and food to space, environment and the nuclear sectors, as well as electronics and the steel industry among others. 

Some notable Orthodyne products include systems for medical applications, with the development of a complete range of specific analysers that comply with the European Pharmacopoeia standards, and systems for the food sector where quality control and regulation is just as strict and the company has developed a device complying with the standards of EIGA, the ORTHOSMART analyser for the measurement of trace impurities including hydrocarbons without FID and the ORTHOPURE analyser specifically designed for the Semiconductor market.  

Last but not least, one of our team’s main assets is the quality of its services. Indeed, we do not only sell analysers but we also provide commissioning, maintenance, training and technical & IT remote assistance to all of our customers. In this way, we can offer a dedicated customer care service, a better traceability of the work performed on site, a complete follow-up and a privileged contact to our clients.

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