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Computers Unlimited

TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, is the premium, fully integrated, ERP software solution with mobile applications for sales, gas & hardgood deliveries, and fill plant management. We serve industrial gas and welding supply distributors in North America.   ...

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CRYOCO is the leading provider of cryogenic training and consulting since 1982. We offer courses in: cryogenic engineering, safety, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid natural gas, liquid hydrogen, methane, and can also custom-build courses.  ...

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For over twenty-five years Cryocomp Valves has designed and produced cryogenic and vacuum valve products for divergent applications and industries. The cryogenic valves may be vacuum jacketed, non-jacketed, manual or actuated configurations and available in ½”, ¾” 1.0”, 1.5” and 2.0” sizes. Cryocomp also offers ...

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Cryofab, Inc.

Cryofab, Inc. is a manufacturer and service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories for all liquid cryogens. Custom fabrications, OEM fabrications, and a full line of standard containers, vessels, cryogenic hose and accessories, depict our product mix. Customizing ability allows Cryofab to design and fabricate ...

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Eleet Cryogenics, Inc.

Eleet Cryogenics is the exclusive provider of Taylor-Wharton bulk cryogenic vessels, 1000L and larger micro-bulk vessels, and bulk VJ CO2 storage vessels for the USA and Canada. We also offer Dura-Bulk delivery vehicles, Scorpion portable trailer mounted units, industrial and medical gas control manifolds, vaporizers, ...

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Evergreen Midwest Inc.

Evergreen Midwest is a wholesale distributor serving the compressed gas, welding, carbonic, specialty gas and cryogenic industries for 40 years. Partnering with Sherwood Valve, REGO-Goddard, Watson Cylinder Coatings, Catalina Cylinders, Superior Products, Western Valve and many more ...

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Generant Company, Inc

Generant Company Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pressure and flow control products as well as Bi-Lok Instrument quality tube fittings specializing in Industrial Gases and Cryogenics, Medical Gases and Equipment , Energy, and Chemicals markets.  Visit us at for our full product line. ...

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Industrial Gas Commercial Advisors

Merchant and on-site commercial consulting, dispute resolution and expert witness services. ...

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Kepner Products Company

Kepner Products Company designs, manufactures, and markets valves and controls. Our products feature dependable bubble-tight shutoff for a wide variety of liquids and gases in check, relief, shuttle, and pilot-operated check functions.   ...

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Marshall Excelsior Company

MEC is known for designing and manufacturing the most advanced, high performance LPG and NH3 equipment available today.  We pride ourselves for providing superior quality standards and unparalleled customer support. MEC is innovation made simple. ...

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Oxigraf, Inc.

Oxigraf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Oxygen Analyzers, Instruments and Sensors based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy technology. Our fast Oxygen Analyzers are designed for safety monitoring, purge measurement, and process monitoring. We also have products for laboratory research, physiology and healthcare applications. OEM ...

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Quantum Technology Corporation

Green Hydrogen Liquefaction Plant Testing in Canada. QuantumTechnologyCorp, a leading Canadian manufacturer of hydrogen liquefiers/plants, is finalizing a 1,500KG/day hydrogen liquefaction plant in Squamish, BC, delivering to a major international customer by mid-2022. True Canadian innovators, assisting to reduce GHG emissions, for a greener Canada. ...

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Reliant Engineered Products (STÖHR ARMATUREN GmbH & Co KG)

STÖHR has specialized in engineering and manufacture of fittings for gases for ambient and cryogenic temperatures, comprising control or globe valves, check or relief valves and filters for challenging applications. STÖHR – Valves for the Extremes! ...

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Rix Industries

RIX Industries is a technology-focused company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of gas generation systems, precision compressor solutions, and cryogenic cooling technologies for critical applications in Marine, Aerospace, Land, Energy, Industrial, Medical, and Critical Infrastructure markets. Founded in 1878, the company is headquartered ...

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Rotoflow, An Air Products Business

As a turbomachinery company with world-leading operating expertise, Rotoflow, an Air Products business, draws on decades of experience and operational know-how to design, build, and support turbomachinery. Rotoflow equipment provides unprecedented performance, reliability, and value. ...

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SafTCart, a manufacturer of cylinder carts, cages, pallets, truck beds, and trailers, is based in Clarksdale, MS. Everything we make is built here in the U.S and started as an outgrowth of Walker Welders in the Mississippi Delta in 1969. Starting with a cylinder cart ...

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Sauer Compressors USA

Sauer Compressors USA Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of medium and high-pressure air and gas compressors. Continuous duty compressors rated and tested for true 24/7 reliability. Expect More, Get More, Sauer Lifetime Warranty. ...

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Sherwood Valve, LLC

Sherwood Valve is the world’s leading provider of system-critical gas and fluid control solutions for the industrial gas, specialty gas, chlorine gas, alternative fuels and life support markets. The company is headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA and comprised of three U.S. manufacturing centers providing American made ...

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Specgas Inc.

Best high purity calibration gas mixtures no matter how difficult the calibration requirements are.  We produce stable high purity gas blends of reactive and toxic gases at low ppm & ppb levels. ...

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Teledyne Hastings Instruments

Teledyne Hastings Instruments is a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of accurate, versatile, quality Vacuum Instruments and Gas Mass Flow Instruments featuring optional touch screen displays, Windows® compatible software, RS232/RS485, and USB communication. ...

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